Pluto, Pirates, Aladdin, and “Wreck-It Ralph” Limited Edition Pins Coming to shopDisney on August 27

If you love Pluto, then you’ll want to be on shopDisney on August 27! A new round of pins for classic Pluto short films is arriving online, along with some other fun pins.

There’s a new cereal pin for “Genie’s Magic Lamp Loops” featuring Genie in his bee form with his magic lamp. There are five new Pluto poster pins for the following shorts: Food For Feudin’, Mail Dog, Society Dog Show, Pluto’s Christmas Tree, and Springtime for Pluto.

There’s also a set of six pins featuring Pluto in different scenes from the classic shorts.

“Talk Like A Pirate” Day is September 19, so you can get ready for it with a Peter Pan pin of the moment in the film when Peter imitates Captain Hook.

Finally, there’s a “So Sweet!” Vanellope Von Schweetz pin.

These pins will be available August 27 at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT on If you want to check out some other pins, look at this week’s releases. Certain pin releases have been delayed, but you should still be online at the scheduled time.

Will you be picking up any of these pins? Let us know in the comments.