“The Haunted Mansion: Frights of Fancy” Graphic Novel Releasing August 18; Now Available for Pre-Order

The grim grinning ghosts of The Haunted Mansion have materialized in a brand-new graphic novel adventure!

The Haunted Mansion: Frights of Fancy, written by Sina Grace and illustrated by Egle Bartolini, will be released on Tuesday, August 18th.

For years, we’ve heard that Gracey Manor has been home to 999 spirited spirits, but in the graphic novel, it looks like resident number 1,000 has arrived! Here’s the official description:

Welcome, foolish mortals… to the Haunted Mansion, where the crypt doors creak and the tombstones quake. The happy haunts are getting ready to throw a swinging wake, and all the goblins and ghoulies are invited, so be sure to bring your death certificate!

Sydney is the newest resident of the Haunted Mansion, a retirement home for wayward ghosts. Now she has to learn how to scare visiting mortals in order to earn her keep–all while resident mean ghost Constance is out to make it all as difficult as possible! But with the help of our favorite grim, grinning ghosts, Sydney just might pull it off!

The list price of the book is $9.99. And if you’d like to order this book prematurely, you can pre-order it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or purchase it at your local book store or comic shop beginning next Tuesday!

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