‘The Owl House’ To Feature Disney’s First Bisexual Lead Character

In an attempt toward greater LGBTQ+ representation, Disney’s The Owl House, has introduced their first bisexual lead character, according to Deadline.com.

Dana Terrace, the creator of the series, confirmed on Twitter that the lead character of the show was bisexual. In her tweet, she discussed her want to use her personal experiences as the basis for the series, which called for the inclusion of more LGBTQ+ characters.

Also in her tweet, Terrace mentioned the reluctance of some in Disney’s leadership. She tweeted, “When we were greenlit I was told by certain Disney leadership that I could NOT represent any form of bi or gay relationship on the Channel.” Despite this, the show pressed on to include the company’s first bisexual lead character.

The show’s lead character is Luz Noceda, an ordinary 14-year-old looking to become a witch. During the show, Luz has expressed attraction for both male and female characters, including a storyline in which Luz asks a female character, Amity, to prom.

In recent years, Disney has taken steps toward greater LGBTQ+ representation in their films; including Officer Spector in the Disney-Pixar film, Onward, and in the heartwarming Pixar SparkShort, Out.