D23 Reveals Exclusive Limited-Edition Animator Mickey Mouse Plush for September Release

D23 has revealed the latest plush in its “Year of the Mouse” series, being released monthly through Amazon. This Animator Mickey Mouse plush is inspired by animator’s desks at the Walt Disney animation studio in Burbank. D23 members are getting exclusive early access to the plush when it is released on September 7.


The following adjustments have been made for the early access release due to high demand:

  • D23 Members will continue to be among the first to be notified about each month’s theme and have an opportunity to order the month’s design.
  • Each month, D23 will provide Members with advance notice of the date the plush will be available for purchase on Amazon.com.
  • On Monday, September 7, at 9 a.m. PST, visit this page on D23.com for the link to purchase the Animator Mickey Mouse plush.
  • Please Note: You must be signed in as a D23 Member to access the link to purchase. Click “Sign In” at the top of the page.
  • Please note extremely limited quantities of the plush will be available on Amazon.com.

Here’s what Disney has to say about the new Animator Mickey Mouse plush:

The ninth of 12 collectible large plush in the series, this exclusive Mickey Mouse celebrates the month of September. Mickey Mouse stands 16 inches tall and is made of a soft suede woodgrain patterned fabric featuring Mickey Mouse sketches with embroidered buttons, and embroidered eyes. Mickey Mouse features a commemorative gold and satin foot patch and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. He even comes in a window box featuring special Year of the Mouse packaging; ideal for collectors. The Year of the Mouse Animator Mickey Mouse plush makes the perfect gift for Disney fans of all ages. Collect all twelve of these commemorative Mickey Mouse plush. Ages 3+

Walt Disney invested the profits from the success of the film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) into building a brand-new animation studio in Burbank, California. Walt worked closely with the architect to design an efficient and comfortable campus for his staff and no detail was overlooked, including the design of custom furniture. The most famous piece of furniture to come out of this collaboration was the stylish wood animator’s desks on which many beloved Mickey Mouse shorts and decades of classic Disney animated films were created. Which is perfect, because the Mickey plush was inspired by these animator desks, with the patterned fabric designed to evoke the wood grain look of the desk.

Previous “Year of the Mouse” releases have included Captain Mickey, Golden Mickey, and Movie Star Mickey.

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