DISNEY+ REVIEW: “The Black Cauldron” on Deep in the Plus

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This week its a cult classic animated movie – The Black Cauldron!

Based on the book series, “The Chronicles of Prydain”, this story starts with a young boy, Taran, who is tasked with taking care of a pig with special powers. When an evil being known as the Horned King takes the pig, it’s up to Taran to rescue her and save the land.

Along the way, he meets a princess, a wandering minstrel, and a cast of other characters that join his quest to recover the Cauldron and win the day!

So embark with us on this journey to a fantasy world, that’s far, far away and Deep in the Plus!


This 1985 film was made during a strange time in Disney Animation. It was one of 8 movies that landed after Jungle Book in 1967, the last movie Walt touched, and before the 1989 rebirth that began with The Little Mermaid. But, this movie departs from many of the famous Disney tropes and has in many ways been left behind by the company. So, is it a hidden gem or just an old lump of coal? Watch our show and decide for yourself!

You can click on the video below to see our full review of The Black Cauldron.

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