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This week, prepare yourself for a shock: It’s The Rocketeer.

Based on the Dave Stevens comic series, this story is set in 1938 and features a struggling stunt pilot, Cliff Secord. Cliff and his partner Peevy are dreaming of flying in the nationals, until a strange rocket pack falls into their laps.

Meanwhile, Cliff’s girlfriend, Jenny Blake, is trying to break into acting and meets up with Hollywood’s 3rd biggest leading man Neville Sinclair, who may not be all that he seems.

Cliff uses the rocket to save his friend, and now the press has named him a hero called the Rocketeer! Cliff, Peevy and Jenny get caught in the crossfire as they’re now being chased by the FBI, the Mob and German Spies who all want the rocket for themselves.

All caught up? Then grab a helmet and hold on, as we take you high in the sky and Deep in the Plus!

The Rocketeer

This movie was not a huge box office smash, but for people like us, it has been a childhood favorite! Released in 1991, only 2 years after Disney-MGM Studios theme park opened, there were a few nods to the film added to the parks that can still be found today, including the amazing score from composer James Horner!

Why should you love this movie? Watch our little show and find out!

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