PHOTOS: NEW “Monsters, Inc.” Scream Canister Phone Case Arrives in Disneyland Resort

We’ve spotted a new Monsters, Inc. scream canister phone case at Disneyland and we will not put this thing back where it came from because it is too cute.


The case will make your phone look like a tiny scream canister that fits in your pocket. It even has a bit of a weathered look.


Careful going on roller coasters: you don’t want to fill your scream canister up too much.


The scream capacity in the center of the case is full of tiny beads that move when you tilt your phone, so you can make it look more or less full.


The top of the case says “Caution: Unrefined Scream.”


The case is $29.99 and only comes in iPhone XS and XS Max. We found it at World of Disney in Downtown Disney District.

Will you be getting this Monsters, Inc. phone case? Let us know in the comments.