PHOTOS: New “Nightmare Before Christmas” Oogie Boogie Sandy Claws Nutcracker Arrives at Disney Parks

Do you need a nutcracker for the fall and winter seasons? Then Disney Parks has you covered with a new Oogie Boogie “Sandy Claws” nutcracker, available about both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.


Oogie Boogie is standing on his wheel of fortune, hoisting a Jack Skellington-wrapped present in the air.


The box features Oogie Boogie and other The Nightmare Before Christmas characters.


Oogie Boogie is ready to take over the role of “Sandy Claws” with a white beard, Santa hat, and a candy cane.


This nutcracker is $64.99. We found it at World of Disney at Downtown Disney District in California, and in Tower Hotel Gifts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Will Oogie Boogie be part of your Halloween and Christmas decorations this year? Let us know in the comments.