PHOTOS: NEW “Ratatouille” Chef Remy Shoulder Plush Arrives at Disneyland Resort

Disney continues to expand its collection of shoulder plush characters. Everyone’s favorite “little chef”—Remy from Ratatouille—no longer has to hide under a chef’s hat. Instead, this lovable Pixar character can sit right on your shoulder!

Remy Shoulder Plush – $19.99

It’s hard to resist this adorable Remy shoulder plush.


Remy’s smile is so cute! Naturally, he’s wearing his chef’s hat.


What rat would be complete without a tail?


The base is flat to make a good connection with the included magnet.


As with other should plush characters, a magnetic pad is placed on the shoulder, under the shirt. The magnetic connection keeps Remy happily perched on the shoulder. Disney provides illustrated directions.


The Remy shoulder plush is available at the Disneyland Downtown Disney District World of Disney location.

Will Remy be your first shoulder plush? Or, will he be an addition to your collection? Tell us all about it using the comment feature.