PHOTOS: Stay Cool with NEW Orange Bird, Hei Hei, and Mickey Folding Fans at Disneyland Resort

Summer is not over yet, so if you need an easy way to cool off, grab one of these new handheld fans we found at Disneyland. Each one features colorful imagery that show off your love of Disney. They also fold up neatly, creating a travel-convenient way to give yourself a nice breeze. Take a look!

Orange Bird Folding Fan


Although he is a Florida icon, the Orange Bird is loved from east to west! The fan is a sunny orange color with the eyes and beak of the Orange Bird to the right. He seems to be gazing towards the hand of whoever holds him.


Hei Hei Blue Folding Fan


This ocean blue fan reminds us of the beautiful waters Moana set sail on during her quest to return the heart of Te Fiti. Her small, albeit, clueless chicken companion, Hei Hei, appears on the right side.


Colorful Mickey Icon Folding Fan


Show off your bright personality with this colorful folding fan. A rainbow of Mickey head icons are patterned across the fabric.


These folding fans retail for $9.99 each and were seen at World of Disney in Downtown Disney.

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