Secretary of California Health & Human Services Speaks About Theme Parks Reopening “Soon”

Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary of California Health and Human Services, spoke about theme parks reopening in a livestream earlier today.

In response to a reporter’s question, Secretary Ghaly said that theme parks will, “Not [open] quite yet, but we’re getting very close.”

In regards to theme parks’ reopening guidelines, he said, “We’re working hard to get that out in a responsible way, as soon as possible, so planning can be done by both the counties that are homes to the theme parks, as well as the operators of those theme parks. We are working with those industries to put out something that is thoughtful, allows us to maintain the rest of our framework in a strong way, and really following those principles of slow and stringent to ensure those large activities are done responsibly.”

News regarding California theme parks reopening has been largely stagnant. Recently several groups teamed together to create a commercial demanding Governor Newsom reopen Disneyland Resort. We have seen preparations for reopening happening in the parks, but Disneyland President Ken Potrock says the resort is “in limbo” until Governor Newsom provides guidelines.