Disneyland Considering Taking Legal Action Over Strict Reopening Guidelines Keeping Theme Parks Closed

Theme park officials were not happy to hear yesterday’s reopening guidelines as issued by the State of California. After weeks of back-and-forth negotiations, larger theme parks are being allowed to reopen, but only once the county they’re located in reaches the Yellow “Minimal” tier. Currently, Orange County is in the Red “Substantial” tier. Taking transmission rates into consideration, it could take several months for the parks to be able to reopen, meaning Disneyland could be shuttered well into 2021. Because of this, Disneyland—alongside other major theme parks—is considering legal action against the state.

According to Brady MacDonald of The Orange County Register, California Attractions and Parks Association Executive Director Erin Guerrero has stated that the theme parks are considering legal action to change the reopening guidelines—at this point, it seems anything’s possible as they’re keeping “all options open” to mitigate “unachievable” state guidelines.

“I think that all options are open at this point. We’re going to continue to explore our options.”

California Attractions and Parks Association Executive Director Erin Guerrero

The California Attractions and Parks Association issued a statement regarding the reopening guidelines yesterday, calling out Governor Newsom’s plans as a plot to “Keep Theme Parks Closed Indefinitely”. Disneyland President Ken Potrock also spoke out, stating the guidelines will now keep the parks shuttered “for the foreseeable future, forcing thousands more people out of work… and irreparably devastating the Anaheim/Southern California community.”

Source: The Orange County Register