PHOTOS: First Look at New Sorcerer Mickey Blue Crocs, Mini Loungefly Backpack, Minnie Ears and More Coming to Disney Parks for Make-A-Wish Foundation’s 40th Anniversary

If you remember that “Sorcerer Mickey Blue” collection we saw being photographed at the Magic Kingdom back in September, it seems we’ll finally be getting an official announcement or release soon!


The collection will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


It appears there are also some ultra-glittery Crocs in store for collectors.


From what we could see from the photoshoot, it looks like the line includes the following merchandise:

  • Sequined Minnie Mouse ear headband
  • Spirit Jersey
  • Sorcerer Mickey T-shirt
  • Leggings
  • Loungefly mini backpack
  • Loungefly wristlet
  • Face mask

This will be the first of the color lines to include a matching face mask, complete with the Walt Disney World logo.


Kids’ sizes were also seen as part of the merchandise photoshoot.

While we can’t be sure what this blue will be called, the tee has Mickey’s sorcerer hat, plus the leggings and Crocs are covered in the hat’s iconic moon and stars. Previous color trends included “Belle of the Ball” Bronze and “Arendelle Aqua”, but we haven’t seen a new trend since last year. Details for this collection are set to be released tomorrow.

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