PHOTOS: Updated Video Screens at Disneyland Resort Ticket Booths Now Only Display Downtown Disney District Offerings

Another clue that Disneyland won’t be ready for opening for some time shows up on the video screens at the ticket booths. The screens now read “Downtown Disney District” instead of Disneyland, as they did in weeks prior. If we didn’t know better, we might wonder when Disneyland became Downtown Disney District?


One of the display screens at the ticket booth features the usual health and safety warnings and guidelines for COVID-19.


While we’re all about health and safety, we didn’t expect the screen to address the public as Downtown Disney District. It appears both Governor Gavin Newsom’s lack of response to questions about Disneyland and this new video display suggests a longer wait before guests may return.


These screens didn’t feature any videos. They simply acted as promotions posters for Downtown Disney District.


Regardless of the poor news about Disneyland reopening, fans of the resort continued to stroll through the common area between Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.