REVIEW: NEW Pumpkin Churro Toffee Adds a Seasonal Fall Twist to a Disneyland Classic at the Downtown Disney District

The flavors of fall can be found all around the Downtown Disney District, and today, we’ve got an intriguing new addition perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Pumpkin churro toffee has arrived, adding a seasonal take on what has quickly become a popular snack. We were fans of the cinnamon version, so we had high hopes for this.


While it sits among the Halloween offerings, this was no horror story. Let’s move in for a bite!


The outside is coated the normal churro sugar as well as an orange pumpkin sugar, which helped to give the treat a subtle flavor.


Overall, the pumpkin flavor wasn’t too prominent, and we wished there was a little bit more.


The sugar is held to the toffee by a vanilla frosting which compliments both the churro and pumpkin flavors.


The toffee was good, as usual. It was soft and easy to bite into while still having a firm snap.


All in all, it’s a nice blend of textures between the toffee, sugar and frosting. Even though it seemed slightly thinner than normal, this is a fun twist on a classic Disneyland treat.

The toffee sells for $6.49 at Marceline’s Confectionery, but if you want to try this, fly like a bat to the Disneyland Resort, because it’s only available through Saturday, October 31st. If you prefer your flavors to be slightly spookier, check out the creepy flavors at Salt & Straw, including one featuring chocolate-covered crickets!