REVIEW: Delicious New Santa Mickey Frosted Sugar Cookie and Pecan Pie Rice Crispy Bring Christmas Cheer to Disneyland Resort

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, Disneyland Resort has turned its attention to the Christmas holiday season. With Disneyland and Disney California Adventure shuttered for the foreseeable future, the holiday treats are available at Downtown Disney District for the time being. More Christmas goodies will likely be available when Buena Vista Street reopens for dining and shopping in the near future.


Let’s take a look at some of the treats we found at Marceline’s Confectionery.

Giant Santa Mickey Sugar Cookie – $5.49


This giant Santa Mickey sugar cookie is iced from top to bottom.


The icing “berries” form a Hidden Mickey.


The icing also covers the back of the ears.


This sugar cookie was great! The cookie was sweet with a buttery flavor. The texture was perfect, as it was soft and easy to bite into. The frosting complimented the cookie, but didn’t add too much extra sweetness. We highly recommend this as a sweet treat when visiting Downtown Disney District!

Rice Crispy Pecan Pie Slice – $5.49


The rice crispy pie is topped with pecans, a dollop of icing “whipped cream,” and Mickey sprinkles.


The pie even has “filling” and “crust.”


This treat was super sweet. The rice crispy was somewhat dry, which threw off the texture a bit. The pecans on the top were a nice addition, but the treat itself had an almost maple syrup flavor. The frosting on top didn’t do much other than add to the visual appeal.

Will you be stopping by Downtown Disney District to sample these Christmas treats? Or, are you looking forward to a different holiday snack? Use the comments to tell us your favorites.