VIDEO: Unboxing the NEW Interactive Remote Control Spider-Bot from Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort

Avengers Campus Spider-Bots are now available for purchase in World of Disney and the Backlot Premiere Shop at Downtown Disney District—but how do they work, and what are they like? Well, we’re bringing you an exclusive unboxing video straight from Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure—or rather, as close as we can get to it, for now.


Check out this little bot’s impressive moment abilities, with a full 360-degree of range, plus action-packed blasters, in our video below:

Spider-Bots would have originally been exclusive to Avengers Campus, but it has not been able to open due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Each Spider-Bot comes in one of these unique boxes. They come with a remote control, which you can use to battle opponent Spider-Bots, or just have your own bot crawl, crouch, spin, and stare with laser eyes.

Spider-Bots are $79.99 and discounts do not apply. Will you be taking home your own Spider-Bot? Let us know in the comments.