Every Easter Egg Hidden in Disney and Pixar’s “Soul”

Disney and Pixar’s Soul premiered on Disney+ on Christmas yesterday. Pixar fans will know the studio has a collection of easter eggs they include in every one of their feature films. Soul is no exception, so here is a list of where you can find every Pixar easter egg in the film. Be warned, there are slight spoilers ahead.

Pizza Planet Truck


The Pizza Planet truck first appeared in Toy Story, wherein Pizza Planet was a location the characters actually went to. Though Pizza Planet itself has not made an appearance since, the iconic truck has appeared in every Pixar film, even Brave despite being set in Medieval Scotland. In Soul, you’ll spot the Pizza Planet truck to left in The Hall of Everything (below the plane). You’ll probably also see a few other Pixar items hidden in the appropriately-titled hall, including Axiom from WALL-E (center, in the distance), Willy’s Butte from Cars (center left), and more, all in one shot.



A113 (a CalArts classroom number) also appears in that same shot of The Hall of Everything but might be harder to spot. It can be seen on a street sign to the right, beneath the Ferris wheel.

Luxo Ball


The ball from Pixar’s Luxo, Jr. short is in 22’s cardboard box home, to the left of the sink and couch.

Joe Grant, Joe Ranft, and Jack Kirby


Also in 22’s home is a wall covered in name tags. While everyone on the wall is famous, there are three names Disney and Pixar fans might recognize: Joe Grant (center left in the image above), Joe Ranft (bottom center), and Jack Kirby (top center). Grant was a Disney Animation Legend who worked on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and several Disney films following, including Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. Ranft, also a Disney Legend, worked at Disney and later Pixar, including co-writing Toy Story and voicing Heimlich in A Bug’s Life. Kirby was an iconic Marvel comic book artist and writer.

Partners Statue


A version of the famous Partners Statue from Disneyland and Magic Kingdom appears in Dr. Borgensson’s Hall of You early on in Soul.



“2319” was the code shouted when a human sock was found on a monster in Monsters, Inc. It’s visible on the side of a subway train in New York City (top left of the image above).



Brang may not be as recognizable to Pixar fans as some of these other easter eggs, but it first appeared in Inside Out. Riley’s dad works for Brang and wears a shirt with the logo on it. An advertisement for Brang is partially visible inside a subway car (top left in the image above).



Like almost every Pixar film, Soul hints at the film that will come next: Luca. In Soul, A New York City travel agency has a poster for PortoRosso in their window (left in the above image). According to the poster, you can “Fly Luca Airlines” to visit PortoRosso. Luca is coming to theaters next summer.

Did you catch any of these easter eggs? Let us know in the comments.