ICU Capacity Dips Below 15% in Southern California; Potential Stay-at-Home Order for Orange County Effective Sunday

The latest regional stay-at-home order in California will likely begin taking effect in Orange County this weekend, as ICU availability across Southern California dips below the 15% threshold. Southern California ICU capacity was at 13.1% as of 9:30 PM (PT), and the City of Anaheim has warned its residents that if it stays below the 15% threshold, the new stay-at-home order will be triggered for the entirety of the region.

If the order goes into effect, it will take place on Sunday. Under this order, restaurants would be back to only take-out or delivery, with no indoor or outdoor dining of any kind, and retail would need to remain at 20% capacity. Non-essential travel is prohibited, however there are a wide range of exceptions.

Disneyland Resort announced that it would be delaying the reopening of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa this weekend, initially set to reopen on December 6, due to the implications of the new order. It’s unknown what further steps will be taken across the currently-open Downtown Disney District and its Buena Vista Street expansion within Disney California Adventure pertaining to the order until the order is enacted and further announcements are made.