PHOTOS: NEW Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Dianoga Creature Puppet Arrives at Disney Parks

There’s something alive in here! Now you can take home your very own Dianoga, courtesy of the Creature Stall in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Parks (or in this case, at Downtown Disney District.)

Dianoga Puppet – $39.99


For anyone not familiar, a Dianoga is the creepy, tentacled, cycloptic creature that attacked Luke Skywalker in the trash compactor scene of “Star Wars: A New Hope”. You may also recognize it from one of the “Rise of Skywalker” scenes in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue… or if you’ve ever had to fill up your water bottle in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you may have glanced at the one that lives in the plumbing by the Black Spire Marketplace.


The Dianoga Puppet features articulation in its neck as well as its eye, as well as a very squishy body.


On the side of its capsule container, you have a full information sheet on the Dianoga species.


Both the top and the sides of the tank are transparent, for optimal viewing, and complete with a carrying handle on top.


Simple instructions for how to operate the Dianoga Puppet. It requires 3 button cell batteries, which are included.


The Dianoga Puppet is now available at the “Enchanting Extras” reservation-only shopping event at Downtown Disney District. We also expect to see it pop up at the Creature Stall in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios soon.

What do you think? Will you be snagging a Dianoga Puppet of your very own? What will you do with it? Whatever you do, we wouldn’t recommend letting it live in your kitchen’s trash compactor. Let us know how you’re feeling down in the comments!

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