PHOTOS, VIDEO: Gone Hollywood Reopens at Disney California Adventure

We were super excited to see that Gone Hollywood has reopened today in Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure. The shop has also added a few newly-redesigned pressed quarter machines. Come with us and let’s take a look inside!


The exterior of Gone Hollywood on Buena Vista Street.


Hand sanitizer stations are placed at the entrance to Gone Hollywood.


The merchandise selection is essentially the same as you’ll find in other Buena Vista Street and Downtown Disney District stores.


A wide variety of holiday merchandise is available in this half of the store.


Social distancing markers are in place on the floor near the registers.


Pressed quarter machines with digital screens are now stationed in a couple locations in the store. This one features Star Wars characters.


Additionally, right across from the Star Wars machine is another machine featuring characters from the Avengers. Check out our full walkthrough in the video below!

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