Disney Releases 2020 Executive Compensation Numbers for Bob Iger and Bob Chapek

Due to the immense hit to the entertainment industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some Disney executives saw major hits to their annual incomes.

Chief Excecutive Officer Bob Iger, who has since been replaced by Bob Chapek, earned just over $21 million dollars in 2020. While that seems like a lot to most people, it is less than half of the $47.5 million in earnings made in 2019.


Bob Chapek made less than Iger, with $14 million in earnings for the 2020 fiscal year. Both executives took pay cuts during this year of financial crisis. There are no past earnings information for Chapek since he was promoted to the position in February of last year.

This announcement comes after a surprising Q4 earnings report, with the company making $14 billion in revenue. The original document showcasing the earnings for Iger and Chapek can be seen here.