Disneyland Vaccination Site Will Remain Closed for Second Day Due to Wind Damage

The COVID-19 vaccination site at the Disneyland Resort will remain closed for a second day after strong winds in the area damaged tents, according to the Orange County Register.

The site, which is set up in the Toy Story Parking Lot, was closed today due to windy conditions. The National Weather Service issued a high wind warning for Anaheim and nearby cities. It remains in effect until 10 p.m. PST on Wednesday night.

Disneyland Park COVID Distribution Site

The Orange County Health Care Agency announced the closure on Twitter. The agency noted that as soon as the site can reopen, the Othena.com scheduling platform will again be used to make appointments.

Anaheim officials reiterated the closure on Facebook. They added that the damaged tents needed to be repaired or replaced before the site could reopen, citing safety concerns for those coming for vaccinations, especially those age 65 and older.

Vaccinations at the site are by appointment only. Appointments had not been scheduled for Wednesday, January 20 as a precaution, after the site closed today due to windy conditions. Those with cancelled appointments today will receive emails from Othena to reschedule.