PHOTOS: NEW “Disney Dogs,” “Disney Cats,” and Pixar Face Masks Arrive at Disney Stores

Face masks are the “new norm,” but that does not mean masks have to be boring. New face masks featuring Disney Dogs, Disney Cats, and some favorite Pixar characters are now available at Disney Stores. Each mask costs $9.99.

Disney Dogs Face Mask


Disney Dogs and Disney Cats merchandise has been popping up all around the theme parks and resorts. The Disney Dogs face mask has a repeating pattern of dogs from animated shorts and feature films.

Disney Cats Face Mask


The Disney Cats design is printed on black material. It has numerous adorable Disney Cats.

Toy Story Face Mask


Calling all space rangers and sheriffs! The Toy Story face mask has Buzz, Woody, Rex, a little green man, and more.

Monsters, Inc. Face Mask


Mike and Sulley run past and through colorful doorways.

Coco Face Mask


Unlike the other new face masks, the Coco mask is printed on purple material. Its artwork is large and bold. We have yet to see these new designs at the theme parks or resorts.

Which of these new masks is your favorite? You can use the comments to share your thoughts.