PHOTOS: New “My Foolish Mortal” Haunted Mansion Couple Shirts Arrive at Disneyland Resort

Welcome, foolish mortals…

If you love both Valentine’s Day and Halloween, then these matching Haunted Mansion couple shirts are perfect for you and your partner.


These purple shirts have the Hitchhiking Ghosts from the famous ride pointing at each other.

“She’s My Foolish Mortal” Unisex Shirt – $24.99


“He’s My Foolish Mortal” Unisex Shirt – $24.99


These are available in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District. If you’re a fan of The Haunted Mansion, make sure to check out these pins as well.

Will you and your partner be wearing these foolish shirts this coming Valentine’s Day? They might just be the best way to remind each other that there’s no turning back now…