PHOTOS: NEW The Haunted Mansion “Ghost Host” Loungefly Cardholder Available at Downtown Disney

Keep your ID and credit cards handy on your next Disney trip with this new Loungefly cardholder inspired by the Ghost Hosts of The Haunted Mansion. We found it in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

Loungefly “Ghost Host” Cardholder – $20


This cardholder is inspired by the striped costumes of the “maid” Cast Members at The Haunted Mansion.


The name tag on one side of the cardholder reads “Ghost Host from Regions Beyond.”


The ID slot has the Haunted Mansion wallpaper on the inside.


The cardholder has a clip so you can attach it to a lanyard, belt, or bag. The clip reads “Happy Haunts.”


We found this in World of Disney, where you can also find the stretching room gargoyle figure. Will you be adding this cardholder to your Haunted Mansion collection? Let us know in the comments.