Pixar’s “Soul” Tops Streaming Rankings for Opening Week

Pixar’s newest film “Soul” debuted on Disney+ on Christmas Day, and was viewed more than the hit TV show “The Office” making the new movie the most streamed title that week.


From December 21st to 27th “Soul” was collectively streamed for 1,669 million minutes compared to The Office streaming for 1,435 million minutes that week. This is impressive considering that the last week of the year was The Office’s last week on Netflix.

One other Disney+ offering made the top ten streaming list that week, with “The Mandalorian” coming in at the fifth most streamed title before the end of the year.


This week of success reinforces the decision to release full length motion pictures on Disney+ for no extra cost to subscribers, as Disney+ accrued 2.3 million app downloads during the holiday season along with the number one finish on streaming rankings.

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