SHOP: Stitch Crashes Disney “Beauty and the Beast” Series Now Available on shopDisney; Sneak Peek of Upcoming Series Designs

A week ago, we got our first look at the upcoming Stitch Crashes Disney collection from shopDisney. This monthly collection features Stitch “crashing” classic Disney film scenes, inspired by the Lilo & Stitch film trailers from 2002. Each series of the collection will include a pin, plush, and MagicBand and will be released on the third Saturday of the month. The first series, which is now available via MerchPass on shopDisney, will be Beauty and the Beast-themed.


The Stitch plush, pin, and MagicBand have turned our favorite alien into a rosy, stained glass image. The release of this series also coincides with the 30th anniversary of Beauty and the Beast.

Stitch Crashes Disney Beauty and the Beast Plush


Though official prices have not been released, they are likely similar to the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction series, which would put the plush at $29.99.

Stitch Crashes Disney Beauty and the Beast Pin


This collection is much smaller than the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction collection, which also included ear headbands, bags, mugs, and three-pin sets.

Stitch Crashes Disney Beauty and the Beast MagicBand


The MagicBand will likely be $34.99.

While the series is currently available through MerchPass on shopDisney, it will also be available in Disney Stores and Downtown Disney District on January 16. It will be coming to Disney Springs later this month.

Stitch Tee


While not technically part of the limited edition collection, a matching shirt and mug will also be available for a limited time on the Thursday after each MerchPass release.

Stitch Mug


Stitch Crashes Disney Pin Book


If you need a place to store your Stitch Crashes Disney pins, a pin book will also be available.


Disney gave us a sneak peek at the next five series in the collection, which seem to include Lady & the Tramp, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Pinocchio, and Aladdin.