PHOTOS: New Star Wars Trading Post Lights Up in the Downtown Disney District

We’ve been watching the transformation of the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney into the new Star Wars Trading Post which is scheduled to open on February 19th. Tonight we got to see the new merchandise location all lit up.


A lot has been added to the old Rainforest Cafe facade, including satellites, wires and a ton of camo netting. The tall tower on the building has an orange glow from within at night.

star wars trading post rey speeder

Yesterday Rey’s Speeder was added to the outside of the transformed building. It seems like the entire project is wrapping up in time for the scheduled February 19th opening. At least it looks that way on the outside!


Rey’s speeder is lit from below on its podium at night. The sign for the new store is still covered by a tarp.

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