PHOTOS: TRON Character Skins, Light Cycle Glider and More Added to Fortnite Video Game

Fortnite has added character skins, light cycles and more into the game based on TRON.

Fortnite posted a teaser video hinting at the next addition to the game, and clues from the teaser helped fans determine that TRON would be the next release.

View the teaser video below:

The next day, the Fortnite Twitter confirmed what many fans suspected.

The release is themed after the latest TRON movie, TRON: Legacy, which was released in 2010.

The game now offers ten TRON themed skins. Also available is a Light Cycle glider and an Identity Disc pickaxe. View some of the new skins and items below.


The skins and accessories are cosmetic, and do not include any new in-game features. They are available for a limited time in the game’s Battle Royale store.

A new attraction based on the TRON franchise, TRON Lightcycle Power Run, is currently being built at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. You can currently ride light cycles in real life at Shanghai Disneyland, where they have a completed version of the ride being built at Walt Disney World. See that ride below.