PHOTOS: Wires Thrown All Over and Set Piece Added to Star Wars Trading Post at Downtown Disney District

Even more “sci-fi” themed elements have been added to the Rainforest Cafe building in Downtown Disney District to prepare for its re-opening as Star Wars Trading Post on February 19.


Yesterday, Rey’s speeder was placed outside of the building, which is being re-themed to look more like a Resistance base.


Wiring has now been draped over the building, leading from the tower to each satellite dish.


The first round of netting was thrown over the building a few days ago. The white tarp hides the store’s new sign.


Though Rainforest Cafe has not occupied the building in years, Landry’s Inc. owns the rights to the building’s design. These changes to the building, including covering up a significant portion of the facade, are likely an effort to get both Landry’s and LucasFilm’s approval of the final look.


Red wires stand out against the green netting but there are also black wires running across the building.


The wires lead up to the new paneling around the top of the tower.


In addition to the wiring, another set piece was added outside of the building’s entrance. You may recognize these as they appear all over Galaxy’s Edge.


Watch our video of the new set dressing below.

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