VIDEO: Disneyland Paris Digitally Removes Tiger Lily and Indian Village from Peter Pan’s Flight Video, Worldwide Ride Changes Likely Coming Soon

A spokesman from Disneyland Paris states that a brief scene showing Tiger Lily and her Native American tribe has been removed from an informational video that was released about the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction. This video is a part of the “Ride & Learn” series that was posted on Disneyland Paris’s official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

Thank you to @DLPReport for the side by side video comparing the attraction with the edited promotional video.

Tiger Lily appears inside Skull Rock in the attraction, but the video shows where she was edited out, leaving behind a small glimpse of her dress. As the attraction progresses, several Native Americans are seen chanting and beating on drums. In the informational video, however, that scene is skipped entirely and the finale of the attraction takes its place, with Peter Pan and Wendy Darling sailing away on their Pixie Dust covered ship. The spokesman cannot comment on whether or not the actual figures will be removed from the attraction. You can view the edited version of the video below.

This all circles back to the Walt Disney Company’s Stories Matter initiative, designed to better represent people and cultures in Disney stories. Disney+ recently removed several classic Disney films from children’s profiles of the streaming service because of this initiative. Multiple films on Disney+, including Peter Pan and Aladdin, also have statements before the films stating that they aim to “create a better and more inclusive future together”.


Of course, Splash Mountain and The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland and Walt Disney World are already scheduled to receive cultural sensitivity changes in the near future. It seems likely that the Peter Pan’s Flight attraction at various parks around the world will be next in line for such alterations.