Disney Files Patent for New Multimedia Show System

Disney has filed a patent for a new multimedia system that would transform a room into an interactive show.


The abstract describes the technology as follows:

A show system or in-room entertainment or show system configured to provide engaging and immersive multimedia shows or presentations in nearly any space (or “room”) that is defined by one or more walls. The in-room show system generally includes a controller for selectively operating a display device (e.g., a television or the like), a video projector, an audio system (eg., one or more speakers), and other show components (e.g., one or more lights, a fan, a mechanical device, and so on). Media content is predefined for the room, and the controller operates (such as in response to a triggering switch or remote control device that may take the form of a show prop activated by someone in the room) to serve the media content to tell a story and/or magically transform the space into a multidimensional and immersive entertainments pace.


The figures in the patent depict a room with a screen, lighting, and interactive elements that trigger different responses.

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