FIRST LOOK: Plexiglass Is Installed at WEB SLINGERS – A Spider-Man Adventure Ride, Height Requirement Revealed, and Other New Details Announced for Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure

During the D23 and Walt Disney Imagineering Magical Milestones presentation celebrating the 20th anniversary of Disney California Adventure, some new details were shared about the upcoming Avengers Campus land by those working on the project.


As far as the backstory is concerned, Imagineers said that the Avengers Campus land was a chance to create a “Tomorrowland” of sorts for Disney California Adventure, a land to celebrate the ingenuity of the state in places like Silicon Valley. While it has stories connected to fictional inventors like Tony Stark and Hank Pym, they believe it captures the proper spirit.

The bulk of the presentation focused on the new ride inside the land, WEB SLINGERS – A Spider-Man Adventure. Since Spider-Man was so important to guests of all ages, it was vital to Imagineers that they make an attraction that all guests could ride. This confirms that there is no height requirement to ride the upcoming WEB SLINGERS – A Spider-Man Adventure.


In a short preview video, we also got our first look at the actual load area for the attraction (the concept art leaked some time ago of course), with ether WEB SLINGR vehicles passing by. Yes, plexiglass is installed at a console where a cast member would be, so it does look like this ride is ready to open in a world where safety restrictions and protocols still exist. What is pretty cool is that the plexiglass barrier looks to be worn a bit, meaning Imagineers took the time to try and theme it so it didn’t look out of place.

Disney has just announced that Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure will not open with the park in late April, but instead will open later in 2021.