Imagineer Shares First Look at “Bountiful Valley Winery” Space in Disney California Adventure

Morgan Lee Richardson, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, shared a look at some details of a new event space at Disney California Adventure that had recently opened to guests.

Richardson was the art director on the project and sculpted the new rockwork. The event space also includes a wooden door with the acronym “BVW.” Can you guess what that stands for? We guessed Buena Vista Winery, but some readers pointed out that the former area nearby was Bountiful Valley Farm. Could this be Bountiful Valley Winery?


The event space is adjacent to Buena Vista Street and is currently hosting snack carts.


Unfortunately, the carts and foliage block the view of the “BVW” door.


However, much of the rockwork that Richardson created is visible throughout the space.

Richardson also shared that some of the rockwork is leftover from It’s Tough To Be A Bug!, which closed at Disney California Adventure in 2018.


Have you visited this event space off of Buena Vista Street since it reopened to guests? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!