PHOTOS: New “Coco” and “Finding Dory” Light-Up Pixar Pier Billboard Puzzles and “Aladdin” Puzzle at Disneyland Resort

Three brand new puzzles are available at the Disneyland Resort today. Fans of Pixar Pier will love these new mini light-up puzzles that are replicas of the billboards found on the pier itself. A whole new puzzle featuring Aladdin and Jasmine is also available for those who prefer puzzles to magic carpet rides.


Finding Dory Light-Up Billboard Mini Puzzle — $19.99


Everyone’s favorite seal from Finding Dory has found his way onto a puzzle. This puzzle is not only of the same picture on the billboard at Pixar Pier, but it comes with a stand-up illuminated frame that looks just like the billboard in the park!


The completed puzzle slides in to a white frame with lamps that illuminate the puzzle. The 50 piece puzzle says “Keep Our Pier Beautiful” and includes Gerald the seal and some of his friends.

Coco Light-Up Billboard Mini Puzzle — $19.99


Another addition the the Pixar Pier puzzles is inspired by Coco. This joyful puzzle also comes with an illuminated stand-up frame that looks just like the billboard in the park. Miguel and his entire family celebrate Dia de los Muertos on this festive 50 piece puzzle.


Both of the illuminated puzzles require the included batteries to light up.

Aladdin Puzzle — $24.99


Fans of Aladdin will love this new, more standard puzzle. Aladdin meets Jasmine for a magic carpet ride through a beautiful moon-lit night on this puzzle.


The puzzle is 1,000 pieces and comes in a box covered in fun motifs from the film.


The side of the box includes Genie, the Magic Carpet, and even the palace of Agrabah.

We found all of these puzzles at the World of Disney store in the Downtown Disney District. If you’re looking for more puzzles to stay busy while we wait for Disneyland to officially reopen, check out this Disney Cats and Dogs puzzle that’s also available at the Disneyland Resort!

Will you be adding any of these puzzles to your collection? Let us know in the comments down below!