PHOTOS: New PopSockets and PopWallets Featuring Mickey, Stitch, Haunted Mansion, and More Pop into Disneyland Resort

Whether you want a better grip on your mobile device or want it to look a little more stylish, these new PopSockets and PopWallets featuring some of our favorite Disney characters and Disney Parks attractions are sure to pop out!


Sleeping Beauty Castle PopSocket – $19.99


This PopGrip features Sleeping Beauty Castle against a glittering blue background.


At another angle, you can see the shine of the castle and the glisten of the glittering background.

Retro Disneyland Logo PopSocket – $14.99


This retro-inspired PopSocket goes perfect with the retro Disneyland Spirit Jersey and Tee that we found recently.


“It Was All Started by a Mouse” PopSocket – $14.99


Walt Disney has coined a lot of famous phrases, but this is probably one of the most iconic ones: It was all started by a mouse…


And of course, the mouse himself is in the background of the quote.

Stitch PopSocket – $14.99


Wouldn’t you like to have Stitch pop out of your phone? Stitch looks excited for you to choose him as your PopSocket!

Tinkerbell PopSocket – $14.99


Whether you need a dash of sass or a sprinkle of Pixie Dust, Tinkerbell is now featured on a PopSocket!


This opalescent Tinkerbell PopSocket is adorned with glitter, making sure you get to carry around Pixie Dust with you!

Pastel Tie-Dye Mickey Head PopWallet+ – $29.99


With springtime here, pastel hues have been appearing in all sorts of merchandise around the Disney Parks, including an apparel line at Disneyland Resort. Now, there is a pastel tie-dye PopSockets PopWallet+ to give your phone a trendy wallet.


Mickey Mouse Icon PopWallet+ – $29.99


If you want something less flashy than the previous PopWallet+, how about one featuring the iconic Mouse himself!


Mickey Mouse pops out of the wallet, thanks to his pops of red providing a stark contrast against the dark background. The base of the wallet itself features a black background with grey Mickey heads throughout.

Stitch PopWallet+ – $29.99


Say Hi! to Stitch! Experiment 626 is not only on a new PopSocket, but he also gets his own PopWallet+.


The background of the phone wallet is full of outlines of Stitch in various poses.

“it’s a small world” Clockface PopWallet+ – $29.99


If you can’t get enough of “it’s a small world,” now you can carry around a piece of the attraction with you! (Well, not literally.)


Now you can have a PopWallet+ that has all the fun colors of the attraction while featuring Clockface as the PopGrip. Humming the song to yourself is optional.

“The Haunted Mansion” PopWallet+ – $29.99


If “The Haunted Mansion” is more your style, you’ll love this new PopWallet+!


Featuring the attraction’s purple and black wallpaper, you can now bring the wall-to-wall creeps to your mobile device. Just remember: no flash pictures as the spirits are frightfully sensitive to bright lights.

We found all of these new PopSockets and PopWallets+ in World of Disney at Downtown Disney District. Will you be popping any of these onto your mobile device? Let us know!