BREAKING: “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop” to Replace Removed Animatronic, A New Finale for The Jungle Cruise

Though the Trader Sam animatronic has been removed from the world-famous Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom, his name will live on in a new finale scene announced by Disney.


Concept art for the scene reveals the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Lost & Found kiosk, on the former site of Trader Sam’s platform. Alberta Falls, the company’s proprietor, has left Trader Sam in charge of the lost and found, and he has taken the opportunity to rebrand it as “Trader Sam’s Gift Shop.” Unfortunately, animals have overrun the shop while Sam is out collecting more inventory.

It seems Trader Sam himself won’t be returning to the attraction, but we’re glad his name will remain.

Refurbishment of the Jungle Cruise to remove offensive material and update the story is ongoing while the ride continues to operate at Walt Disney World. The iconic rhino pole was removed earlier this month to receive a new cast of diverse characters. The Disneyland version of the ride will not be reopening with the rest of the park, so there’s no telling how many updates it will have received by the time we ride it again.