Concept Art Hints at Possible On-Ride Photo Coming to Jungle Cruise at Disneyland and Walt Disney World

With the announcement of a new finale scene for the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, we noticed a hint of another possible update.


The new scene is a lost and found kiosk which Trader Sam has rebranded as his own gift shop. The platform is covered in an assortment of vintage luggage, clothing, and more, all being played with by monkeys and an elephant.


To the right of the scene’s concept art, we noticed a monkey sitting atop a camera, and a sign above him advertising cruise photos. This looks like the perfect spot for an on-ride photo to be snapped, which has never happened on Jungle Cruise.

Disney has been adding on-ride photos to classic attractions in the past few years, including Pirates of the Caribbean in 2017 and The Haunted Mansion in 2019. A Jungle Cruise photo does sound somewhat awkward, considering it would have to be of the entire boat, and guests aren’t seated in rows like on Pirates of the Caribbean. Still, it could be a fun souvenir for those who want to remember the ride and maybe want a photo with their Skipper.

As most attractions do nowadays, the photo would likely be connected automatically to your My Disney Experience account thanks to MagicBands and MagicMobile’s Bluetooth capability.

Would you like an on-ride photo of your Jungle Cruise experience? Let us know in the comments!