CONCEPT ART: New Scene with Monkeys Catching Butterflies Revealed for Jungle Cruise Overhaul, Work Begins While Ride Remains Open at Disney World

The Jungle Cruise is being transformed at both Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park in California in an effort to promote inclusivity and Cultural sensitivity. After detailing the attraction’s newest characters, Zach Riddley of Walt Disney Imagineering has now released some new concept art for the ride as some monkey business may be seen along the river as work begins on Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom.


A new scene with a pair of monkeys catching butterflies has been revealed as an upcoming feature on the attraction. One monkey is searching for some butterflies with a net in hand and the other happily snacks on one. We aren’t entirely sure of where this new scene will be, but Guests can keep their eyes peeled for it as the ride receives its update.


This scene reminds us of a new character to join Jungle Cruise, Japan’s preeminent entomologist and a member of the famed Society of Explorers and Adventurers, Dr. Kon Chunosuke, who can be seen in the concept art above holding a butterfly net as he has only been able to find butterflies, mosquitos — and a rhino.

Though work on Jungle Cruise is starting on both coasts, the good news for those visiting the theme parks is that the attraction will remain open to guests while Disney Imagineering teams update scenes in a phased approach over the next several months.

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