New Pixar Short “22 vs. Earth” is a Soul Spinoff, Arrives on Disney+ April 30th

A new Disney Pixar short entitled “22 vs. Earth” will be premiering on Disney+ on April 30th. A spinoff from the latest Disney Pixar film Soul, the short follows soul 22 as they refuse to go to Earth.


Disney provided a first look at the new short, which will see the return of Tina Fey as the voice of 22.

“I think the new souls make the short so fun—the contrast of their pure innocence and delight with the cynical expectations of 22. The other new souls are what 22 once was before she took another path—purely innocent, blank slates to be guided by the counselors in their mostly uneventful journey to the earth portal. 22 sees an opening in that and attempts to guide them herself into her way of thinking.”

Kevin Nolting, Pixar.


In the journey to explore 22’s cynical nature and rebellion, the short will introduce 5 new characters. The story takes place before the events of Soul.

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