PHOTOS: Disneyland President Ken Potrock Shares Photos From Inside Snow White’s Enchanted Wish

Part of the excitement surrounding the reopening of Disneyland next week is centered around a classic Snow White attraction that received a recent reimagining. “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” has now become “Snow White’s Enchanted Wish”, and Disneyland President Ken Potrock has shared new photos from the attraction.

Potrock shared this post on Instagram sharing his excitement for the new Snow White attraction. He shows a photo from a ride vehicle as well as an image of Doc, the leader of the seven dwarfs, from inside the ride.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures closed on January 6, 2020 for its reimagining at Disneyland Park, shortly before the parks shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The work was completed during the pandemic closures and the attraction will be available to guests on the theme park’s reopening day.


The original “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” was famously intense for younger riders, featuring the Evil Queen very prominently. It remains to be seen if the Evil Queen will have a role, if any, in this new iteration. If you want to relive the “scary” version of this ride, be sure to check out our 2019 ride-through video below!

We are excited to get a chance to ride Snow White’s Enchanted Wish for ourselves next Friday. Be sure to follow WDWNT on Twitter and YouTube to be amongst the first to catch our ride-through video!