PHOTOS, VIDEO: New Load Area Debuts at The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Park

Earlier this month, Disney revealed that changes had taken place at the Haunted Mansion during Disneyland Resort’s year-long closure. Disneyland doesn’t reopen until April 30th, but during today’s Cast Member previews, we were able to see the changes early.


The Haunted Mansion’s exterior was painted with shades of white to create shadow effects.

The attraction’s load area is where most changes can be seen:

The updates included the return of an original portrait by Marc Davis, “April to December.” Originally in the hallway with the other portraits, she was replaced in 2005 with Master Gracey. Also added was the statue of a one-eyed cat, a reference to a concept for the original ride by Imagineer Xavier Atencio.


“April to December” in her new spot, located in the load area just steps away from the Doom Buggies.


The practical reason for the enhancements was to clean up the load area, allowing more space to handle the load and unload procedures for guests who need extra assistance or are in wheelchairs.


This new divider sports the standard queue from the area for those guests with special needs.


Outside, there have been a few updates to the Pet Cemetary. Special landscaping was added to enhance the stories of the long-departed pets.


Garlic was added around the Skunk’s grave, purple cabbage sprouts around the rabbit, and the cat is surrounded with catnip.


So, what do you think of these new additions to the ghostly retirement home?

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