PHOTOS, VIDEOS: Imagineering Playtests Incredible “Lifesize” Tiny Tinker Bell Virtual Meet & Greet at Disney California Adventure

Disneyland Resort has yet to reopen, but select guests were treated to a magical experience at the “A Touch of Disney” event at Disney California Adventure. Imagineering was conducting a playtest of a potential new experience: a meet-and-greet with a “lifesize” tiny Tinker Bell.


Jenn Tanaka posted her family’s experience on Instagram. Her family was invited to participate after a chance encounter with a cast member. Her children were “starstruck” and enjoyed the experience.


Playtests are part of the development process used by Imagineers. After regular testing, this allows the Imagineers to gauge guest interest and receive feedback from their intended audience. We’ve seen character technology playtests before with the talking Mickey Mouse meet-and-greet, which then for a bit was a permanent offering.


Tinker Bell first appeared in her lantern. She then flew around the room.


She landed in a device of her own invention that allowed her voice to be amplified so the guests could hear her. She was fully interactive and addressed the children by name.


Many projections were utilized, including “writing” in a book and butterflies flying around the room.

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