Plastic-Free Packaging for Classic Disney Princess Dolls Makes Royal Debut at Disneyland Resort

Happy Earth Day! Earlier this week, Disney announced plastic-free packaging for the classic line of Disney Princess dolls. The launch was initially limited to Walt Disney World, but the new eco-friendly packaging has made its Disneyland Resort debut right in time for Earth Day. We spotted the new packaging at World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

Classic Dolls with Plastic-Free Packaging – $24.99


Since the lack of plastic means no clear window on the front of the boxes, Disney has provided displays showcasing all the dolls.


The boxes have photos of the doll on the front.


As seen in the video, each box has a unique interior with a background that matches the doll so children can use it while they play. This is part of the reusable aspect of the new packaging.


The classic doll collection features 15 different Princesses but 16 dolls since you can choose Ariel as a mermaid or Ariel in her human form with her wedding dress.


The boxes are easier to open and can be recycled curbside with your normal recycling—no special drop-off needed.


The packaging is thinner and wider than the traditional plastic packaging.


The Disney Small World program is responsible for the environmental sustainability efforts across the whole company. The new plastic-free packaging is part of the Small World program’s initiative to reduce waste.

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