Study Finds that Theme Parks Could Safely Reduce Physical Distancing Requirement to 3 Feet

A new study from the University of Central Florida and International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) indicates that the theme park industry could lower physical distancing requirements from six feet to three feet.

The study looked at droplet volume, quantity, size, and propagation while participants coughed and spoke. Ultimately, it found that when wearing a cloth face covering, the maximum detectable distanced of expelled droplets is 2.22 feet. A face covering of three layers shortened that half a foot. The conclusion of the report states the following:

The human research study of particulate propagation distance from the human respiratory events highlight, with confidence, that three feet of physical distancing with face coverings provides less risk than six feet of physical distancing without masks.

According to this, provided they maintain mandatory face covering rules, Disney and Universal theme parks could safely reduce physical distancing requirements and therefore increase park capacity.

As of now, there has been no indication that physical distancing requirements will change. Rather, outdoor mask requirements are being relaxed, with Walt Disney World allowing maskless photos and the Biden Administration possibly relaxing guidelines soon.

Keep checking WDWNT for updates.