Bob Chapek Avoids “Annual Pass” Term for New Disneyland “Frequent Visitor Program”, Aims at Shareholder Return Over Guest Value

In today’s quarterly earnings call, Bob Chapek answered a question about the new Disneyland “membership” program that will replace annual passes, which were discontinued and cancelled earlier this year.

In answering the question, Chapek avoided using the annual pass term for the replacement program, referring to it as a “park loyalty and affinity program” and “frequent visitor program”.

Chapek also stated that the per guest spending across the Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders was inconsistent, and the new program aimed to “get an adequate return to our shareholders for the type of experience that we do give to our guests”.

Essentially, Chapek and the company feel that the old program was offering too much at an inadequate price point, and also that spending at times was not strong enough amongst these guests.

This would indicate that the new programs will have guests paying more money for less days of access (and maybe even lesser benefits), although it remains to be seen what all of this will look once it is actually announced.

Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock stated that the program will launch before the end of 2021.