PHOTOS: Compostable Waste Receptacles Now In Use at Disneyland

Disney has always had its eye on the protecting the environment. On the heels of reusable bamboo utensils comes new composting bins. We found a few of the new composting, recycling, and trash receptacles at Disneyland Park.


Disney World has been testing compost bins for a few months now.


Three receptacles are placed in a group, one each for food, recyclable materials, and trash.


The food receptacle is for compostable waste; it has an apple core decal. The mixed recycling bin is for plastic, cans, paper, and glass. Note the separate chute for liquids and ice.


The top of the compost receptacle is open on two sides.


The cans are currently only in use at Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland.

Are you ready to do your part to help the environment while visiting Disneyland? What do you think of this new setup? Add your thoughts in the comments.