PHOTOS: Le Bat en Rouge Closed at Disneyland For Conversion to New Quick Service Dining Location with Possible Princess and the Frog Theme

While visiting Disneyland on its reopening weekend, we are looking for any changes we can find. One change is happening at Le Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square. The now-closed clothing store was known for its selection of The Dress Shop dresses and other accessories. Signs in the windows hint at the location’s future, which could possibly be The Princess and the Frog-themed.


The signage still hangs above Le Bat en Rouge.


Lace curtains have been hung in the windows to prevent Guests from peeking inside as rumors swirl that the location will be rethemed to The Princess and the Frog, just as Splash Mountain will be.


The right window has a sign for gumbo exclaiming “the spice of life!” which is a perfect fit for Tiana. With this little nuance, Le Bat en Rouge could become an additional gumbo pick-up window as part of a The Princess and the Frog quick-service restaurant expansion.


A sign in the left window reads, “Something NEW is cooking!” This is the second hint at the future dining location that could be a version of Tiana’s Place.


The additional entrance also has lace curtains and a sign to hinder hinting at what’s within.


The sign reads, “Set a Table! Set a Rage! Dress the Part! Start A Rage!” This third clue makes us wonder if dresses will still be “on the menu” at Le Bat en Rouge.


We will continue to check the location for updates.

What do you think of a possible Princess and the Frog theme for Le Bat en Rouge when it becomes a dining location? You can add your thoughts in the comments.