PHOTOS: Pym Test Kitchen Dining Area Sign and Giant Choco Smash Bar Added, ‘Frozen’ Theming Removed in Disney California Adventure

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure is scheduled to open June 4th, and each day seems to bring new and exciting superhero discoveries. The courtyard near the Hyperion Theater, previously used as an extended queue for Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission: BREAKOUT!, has transformed into the Pym Test Kitchen Dining Area.


Some Pym Test Kitchen banners and posters popped up a few days ago, but the area has really “grown” since.


A new sign has been added, formally designating this revamped area as the Pym Test Kitchen “dining area”. The new addition adds to other Pym-related décor, but now clarifies what this courtyard will be used for in June.


Yes, that IS a gigantic “bite-size” Choco-Smash CANDY Bar. While Pym Test Kitchen will sell a “celestial size” version, we don’t think it’ll be quite this big.


So far, the stanchions for the extended queue are still in place, and no dining tables have appeared (or maybe they’re too microscopic to see right now).


Beyond the new signage and prop for Pym Test Kitchen being added, more ‘Frozen — Live at the Hyperion’ theming has been removed. Today, we noticed the stairs had a new Pym pattern.


Only a few days ago, these stairs still had snowflakes from ‘Frozen’. The show was permanently ended this past October, after having been on hiatus since the park closed due to COVID-19 in March of 2020.


The stairs now fit in with the overall look of the area, although the light posts and hand rails still maintain a color scheme more fitting for Hollywood Land.

For the full menu and pricing for Pym Test Kitchen, click here, and follow DLNT for more Avengers Campus news.